We recognise that our operations will impact on the environment, and we have a duty to ensure that both now and in the future we seek to minimise this impact.

Waste recycling

ScS is committed to reducing waste. All of our waste packaging – principally plastic and cardboard – generated by our stores, head office and distribution centres and used for protecting the product, is collected and recycled. We now recycle or divert from landfill 97% of all waste collected.

In FY19 we worked with a key supplier to develop a simple, quilted bag that was placed inside delivery boxes offering increased protection to products in transit. Not only did this improve our packaging, but the new bags are reusable and reduce the impact we have on the environment by replacing the single-use wrapping used previously.

We were also proudly first to market with a carpet made entirely from recycled plastics including recovered marine plastic and fishing nets.

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

All ScS sites have automatic meter readers (AMR) fitted for recording electricity usage and meter loggers for recording gas usage. This allows greater control of costs by more accurate recording of data but also the policing of anomalies as these are highlighted within 24 hours. All new sites include LED store lighting and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. This, together with a progressive change to energy systems in our existing stores means that we are reducing our electricity usage.

Since 2013 we have reduced our electrical energy consumption by 30.9%. This reduction is against a backdrop of opening 11 all electric stores in that period. Our gas usage has reduced by 55.0% and has been assisted by the replacement of nine gas air-conditioning systems with energy efficient all electric units. A further eight are targeted in 2020.

In 2019 our electricity and natural greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by 697 t/CO2e and 216 t/CO2e respectively. This is a total reduction of 913 t/CO2e. Our continued improvements to scheduling through new systems like Flexipod and Paragon, also allow us to make sure we’re optimising use of our delivery vehicles, with the continued aim of minimising fuel consumption.


Our suppliers are vital to our purpose of delivering outstanding value, quality and choice to our customers. We work with them and SEDEX – an organisation dedicated to improving business practices in global supply chains – to make sure that Modern Slavery Regulations are adhered to. We remain committed to do what we can to eradicate this type of human rights abuse, and our approach to modern day slavery is overseen by our audit, risk and compliance teams as part of our governance strategy.